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2nd January 2022

Speaker: Viktor Södermark, Mimir World — Founder/CEO

Speaker for Mimir World is Viktor Södermark, but also known as the CEO & Allfather of the Mimir project!

Question #1: Can you tell us about the origins of the idea for Mimir Quiz? How far back does it go, what inspired you to start building?

I went down the crypto rabbit hole roughly 5 years ago and I’m a true believer in the powerful ways that we will see blockchain technology change our world to the better. Viktor Södermarkd

One of the major contributors to the mass adoption of blockchain technology worldwide will most definitely be blockchain games so it’s a dream come true to be able to work in this field where we have lots of BIG things coming to market in 2022.

Some other fun facts to share about Viktor:
- Working experience from Electronic Arts & launched Battlefield 3, FIFA, The Sims & other worldwide blockbuster games + Managed Kellogg’s in the Nordics.
- Have been an entrepreneur & business owner for the last 5 years
- 32 years young
- Bullish as can be on GameFi, NFTs, Play To Earn, Metaverse

More about Mimir Token and Mimir Blockhain Games:

We took inspiration from a live quiz show called HQ TRIVIA which captured the attention of 25M American players back in 2018.

It was one of the first FIAT Play 2 Earn games that really took the whole quizzing experience to the next level.

But just as I predicted more than 3 years ago — They were going to face a lot of hurdles & limitations with their game show since they were handling FIAT-money.

So what we have done for Mimir Quiz is actually quite ground breaking.

We have developed & launched the world’s first live stream game show powered by blockchain technology.

Mimir Quiz is our first blockchain game to market & it has the potential of becoming the first game that breaks the barriers of the cryptosphere and actually get adoption of players from the mass market since it is centered around the world’s most popular & universal game concepts of all time = Trivia & Quiz games!

For anyone wondering how it all works the best way is to check out our website:

Everyone can download it & try it out:
Mobile / Desktop Browser Game: app.mimirquiz.com
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mimirfun

Mimir Quiz is in essence powered by our Mimir Token — the one and only token that will ever be used in our blockchain games.

Question #2: Tell us about the team working on the project! What are their backgrounds? How many of you are working on Mimir Quiz at the moment?

So we have a really strong team working in the Mimir project — the core team is working out of Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 Where we have our game studio & broadcast our live Mimir Quiz shows.

Besides myself, we have a very strong focus on the tech side with:
- Viktor Stenberg, one of our blockchain developers, he has worked at Facebook for 2 years & has been with us since the start
- The Q, is an American company that we have partnered with & who are working side by side on a daily basis with developing Mimir Quiz & upcoming Blockchain Games. They have been in the live stream business for 5 years & are trusted by world class brands such as NASA, Dallas Mavericks, E3 & Volvo

We also have 2 more blockchain devs + 2 Front/Back End developers working in the company as consultants (Innovibe).

Lastly, we have our core operations & advisory team of hard working individuals who have been in the gaming & crypto industry for a long time — so we sure have the man power & the will to grow the Mimir World even bigger during 2022.

Question #3: What are the problems with the gaming space today and how does Mimir Quiz solve these problems?

Well essentially, the gaming industry have had more than 20 amazing years of growth since the mass adoption of this thing called “Internet”.

And just like many other markets — it’s been swallowed up by BIG centralized market players who now make a fortune off of their players but give very little back to their community.

Last year players spent close to 100B in games — 0% of these revenue streams went back to players = all went down in the pockets of the big game publishers.

With that said, it’s very exciting to see what has happened in just the last year with blockchain games.

The #1 at the moment now has a MCAP that is bigger than EA Games that I’ve worked for and who have titles like Battlefield, Sims, FIFA etc.

With that stated — it’s pretty clear to me that we will see blockchain games being the #1 contributor to worldwide adoption of blockchain technology during 2022 and the years to follow.

So with the concepts of GameFi, Play To Earn, NFTs, Metaverse (perhaps I’ve missed one of the latest buzz words 😅) — We can lay the foundation for a more decentralized, fair & rewarding experience for gamers all over the world!

Only a fraction of a % can make a living off of playing games today — but with the introduction of blockchain games we could essentially have ALL players engaging in games actually getting rewarded & making money from their game play or by owning NFTs as in-game items etc.

To wrap it up = Blockchain Games is still early but with Mimir Quiz and upcoming Blockchain Games released by us in 2022, we will strive towards becoming the market leader who onboards not only crypto players but the entire mass market

Question #4: What are the utilities of the Mimir Token? What is the circulating and total supply?

It’s also worth mentioning that with Mimir Quiz we have solved one of the biggest limitations that similar game shows with FIAT struggle with which is to grow beyond their domestic markets. If you handle FIAT-money, you can’t pay out winnings in a seamless & efficient way to people all over the world.

With Mimir Quiz we reward players from all over the world with instant payouts of our Mimir Token from their in-game winnings = all powered by the smart contracts on the Polygon Network.

So to start off — Mimir Token is the ONE and ONLY token that will ever be used in our ecosystem of blockchain games.

The use case & utility:
1. MIMIR is used as the reward in our play-to-earn model. So for simply playing our blockchain games you get rewarded in MIMIR.
2. You can use MIMIR to buy entry fees to our LIVE quiz tournaments to compete for even bigger prizes in Mimir Quiz
3. You will very soon be able to buy in-game items (NFTs & collectibles) that boost your gaming experience
4. You can use MIMIR as a stake to enter into games against other players in order to build up even bigger prize pools to compete for.
5. Mimir Token is a decentralized governance token with voting rights — meaning that holders will be able to vote on important strategic decisions for the project.
6. You can stake MIMIR to earn yield/interest but you will very soon also be able to stake MIMIR within Mimir Quiz to the prize pools thereby getting not only yield/interest but also upsides like % of the rake that we take from games and if we have a game without any winners then the entire prize pool goes back to the reward pool and is distributed to the stakers.
7. You will be able to use MIMIR in all of our blockchain games that we release

Mimir Token on CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mimir-token/

Mimir Token on CoingGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/mimir-token

Mimir Token on Vulkania.io dashboard: https://vulkania.io/coins/mimirtoken

The hard cap (max supply) is 100M Mimir Tokens

The circulating supply (on 2nd January 2022)= 17.32M MIMIR

Question #5: What is your biggest focus on your roadmap currently? And where do you see yourself 5–10 years from now?

Here are some of the BIG highlights of our Roadmap for 2022:

New Game modes in Mimir Quiz:
- 1vs1 game play
- 24/7 game play with quiz tournaments that will have an automatic start without our production team manually handling it
- New games that feature video, image, audio contents

New Features in Mimir Quiz:
- FIAT Onramp so that you can buy MIMIR Tokens instantly from our game with your credit card
- Staking options in Mimir Quiz
- In-game items (NFTs & collectibles)
- Being able to host your own quizzes

New Blockchain Games (Besides Mimir Quiz)
- Every new quarter we will release a new popular & mass market oriented game where Mimir Token is used.

We can also tease you all with the announcement that something very BIG is coming to the Mimir World where we will launch…

- A disruptor to the centralized market of surveys & polls
It will be the world’s first live streamed, gamified, blockchain powered survey & poll solution

  • A disruptor to the centralized markets of Education where the cliffhanger motto is “Learn-2-Earn”

First part of AMA is concluded, its time for community questions!

Question #1: I want to Buy your Token. Is it listed?

Question #2: Do you have AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

You can read the entire Audit of Mimir Token conducted by Zokyo here:

Question #3: Trivia games always attract people, for the smart one its a challenge, will Mimir Quiz present different level of question like easy, medium, hard, etc?

We have lots of different game modes that range from being very easy to very hard :)

We also have a game mode called “Popular Choice” where the questions don’t have a pre-defined answer — the correct answer is whatever the majority says it is:
Ex = what is the best token on the market? Whatever the majority of players answer is then the correct answer. It’s a fun game mode with no need for being a quiz-master to win.

Question #4: If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? And why?

In one word? That’s gonna be hard haha 😅

But the short summary connects to our core mission with the project:

1. Release more utility & use case for Mimir Token in our games + outside of our games
Staking options, In-game purchases, NFT market place, New listings on CEX

2. Keep on developing Mimir Quiz + Release new Blockhain Games within the Mimir World where the Mimir Token is used
- New game modes in Mimir Quiz + New Game show & Knowledge based blockchain games
- Surveys project
- Learn-2-Earn project

3. Reach the #1 spot for most active users within our ecosystem of Blockchain Games

Question #5: Will you collect data from the players or make some AI of the game? Thinking of catching intelligent people (specially children age)

With Mimir Quiz we have lots of interesting stats from the quiz games & our users activity etc. but we have at the moment no outspoken plan to utilize that data for AI or any other strategy.




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