Mimir World AMA with tehMoonwalkeR

Question #1: Can you tell us about the origins of the idea for Mimir Quiz? How far back does it go, what inspired you to start building?

I went down the crypto rabbit hole roughly 5 years ago and I’m a true believer in the powerful ways that we will see blockchain technology change our world to the better. Viktor Södermarkd

Mimir Quiz is our first blockchain game to market & it has the potential of becoming the first game that breaks the barriers of the cryptosphere and actually get adoption of players from the mass market since it is centered around the world’s most popular & universal game concepts of all time = Trivia & Quiz games!

Question #2: Tell us about the team working on the project! What are their backgrounds? How many of you are working on Mimir Quiz at the moment?

Question #3: What are the problems with the gaming space today and how does Mimir Quiz solve these problems?

Last year players spent close to 100B in games — 0% of these revenue streams went back to players = all went down in the pockets of the big game publishers.

To wrap it up = Blockchain Games is still early but with Mimir Quiz and upcoming Blockchain Games released by us in 2022, we will strive towards becoming the market leader who onboards not only crypto players but the entire mass market

Question #4: What are the utilities of the Mimir Token? What is the circulating and total supply?

It’s also worth mentioning that with Mimir Quiz we have solved one of the biggest limitations that similar game shows with FIAT struggle with which is to grow beyond their domestic markets. If you handle FIAT-money, you can’t pay out winnings in a seamless & efficient way to people all over the world.

With Mimir Quiz we reward players from all over the world with instant payouts of our Mimir Token from their in-game winnings = all powered by the smart contracts on the Polygon Network.

Question #5: What is your biggest focus on your roadmap currently? And where do you see yourself 5–10 years from now?

New Blockchain Games (Besides Mimir Quiz)
- Every new quarter we will release a new popular & mass market oriented game where Mimir Token is used.

First part of AMA is concluded, its time for community questions!



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