Mimir World AMA with La Casa De Crpyto

Question 1: Can you please introduce Mimir to La Casa de Crypto community?

Question 2: So, referring your first message, this will not be the only game of your company?

  • Pinpoint already proven mobile game concepts with 100’s of millions of active players across the world. As such we don’t have to guess if players will enjoy our games because we already know that for a fact.

    Build our mobile games from scratch so that we can put our own flavor and spice to it. Thus, making them even more engaging and fun for players.

    Power the games with all the amazing utilities and benefits that come from blockchain technology and the concept of GameFi. We will implement our own in-game token economy with the Mimir Token, paying our players for their playtime through our Play-to-Earn model, letting users own their in-game items as NFTs, assuring everyone that they are playing a provable fair game.

    Mix it all together so that the gaming experience is just as seamless and user friendly as you would expect from a “traditional” mobile game but with the upside of all the amazing GameFi benefits.

Question 3: The next questions if about the team of Mimir? Can you give some information about the team members of Mimir and their experience in blockchain, marketing, and gaming?

Question 4: What makes Mimir different than the others? In which ways is Mimir making its difference from other gaming projects?

Question 5: Well, I am sure many of the community members would like to know if they can still be one of the early investors. In which platform will Mimir make its IEO & IDO? Is it still possible to be whitelisted?

Question 6: Can you also list kindly in which networks Mimir is alive and to which networks do you plan to expand?

Question 7: Can you also tell about the tokenomics?

First part of AMA was concluded, now its time to move to the second part, which were live questions from the community!

Question 1: As I saw in your white paper, Mimir token will give governance rights to holders. Could you explain the MIMIR ecosystem governance model will use? Who is the owner of the master ‘admin’ contract, and after each voting proposal, who does the final decision?

Question 2: I think maybe your game is like Who want to be the millionaire. How is the system, like the game “Who wants to be the millionaire” we can answer questions because it is not updated often, what about MIMIR, is it like that? And the problem in this quiz game is in the language, many players can’t speak English very well, how do you respond to this?

Question 3: Where does the money we make as prizes from quizzes come from? Is it funds from the players or is there an allocation of funds that has been set as a prize?

Question 4: What kind of advantages does using Polygon and XAYA infrastructures for decentralized game economy provide Mimir token and what is the advantage of layer-2 solution in providing scalability?

Question 5: According to your white paper, the Mimir token is originally created and hosted on a copied chain called a “child chain”, why exactly is it referred to as a “child chain”? What advantages does this “child chain” offer your investors?

Question 6: MIMIR is the world’s first quiz application powered by 6 blockchain technologies including Ethereum and Polygon. How can we easily use this application? Will it be available on the Playstore and App Market? Do you plan to integrate MIMIR into some other blockchains in the future.

Question 7: Can you tell us about your plans for long-term? what you are currently working on?and what strategy will be used to expand globally.

Question 8: Are there other Projects who have started with Quiz games or Mimir is the first mover? Can You tell about the Origin of this project name?

Question 9: As a new platform in the market,how would you plan to be able to established your own name in the market? What is the priority plan of Mimir Quiz in the year 2021?

Question 10: If I am a developer, and I am interested in contributing to your project in addition to earning income, Do you have a Mimir to check for potential vulnerabilities?

Question 11: Playing to earn seems to be very catchy, but in reality there are many blockchains and NFT games have expensive entry points that need to be done early. So how can Mimir achieve real play and enjoy it without spending a lot of money on the game without spending too much money?




We are Mimir! The World’s First Game Show App Powered by Blockchain Technology!

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We are Mimir! The World’s First Game Show App Powered by Blockchain Technology!

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