$MIMIR Token had a HUGE SUCCES in Startup Sale

We are really proud to share, that our Startup sale on Gate.io was a HUGE SUCCES!

Our goal was to raise $100.000, but its was oversubscribed for 40502%.

When the Startup on Gate.io ended, we raised a total of: 40,502,560 USDT! We have actually raised a record amount compared to the last 50 startups on Gate.io!

We would really like to express our gratitude to everyone, for showing such an amazing support an interest in our project! This gives us a warm and good feeling that we’re doing a great job.

Our trading pairs on Gate.io opened on 5th Novemer at 7:00 AM UTC .

On the next day, on 6th November at 7:00 AM UTC, the trading has also started on Uniswap.

After the trading pairs MIMIR/USDT and MIMIR/ETH were opened in Gate.io, there was a really huge demand. We’ve had an amazing 134% price increase in the first 24 hours of trading!

Where to buy $MIMIR Tokens?

Well, our token is currently trading in Uniswap and in two pairs on Gate.io.

Direct links can be found below:



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