We are thrilled to announce that the doors to Mimir Quiz will finally open to players all over the world on Android, iOS and Web Browser starting December 15!

4 min readDec 12, 2021



We are thrilled to announce that the doors to Mimir Quiz will finally open to players all over the world on Android, iOS and Web Browser starting December 15.

Get ready for an action packed December where we will let the entire world experience the next-generation of quiz participation and compete for riches and glory in the world’s first play to earn quiz game powered by blockchain technology and live interactive video stream!

“It’s a huge milestone for the project to now have both our MIMIR Token and our first blockchain game out on the market. The level of excitement is truly outstanding and it will be a very proud moment for the entire team to see players from all corners of the world enjoy what Mimir Quiz has to offer.”
- Viktor Södermark, CEO & Allfather of the Mimir World of Blockchain Games

The Mimir World is growing stronger with each passing day and as we are now gearing up for the big launch of Mimir Quiz we have a very strong community with more than 40K sign ups to play.


Back in November we invited thousands of players from our community to join the early access test of Mimir Quiz. The intention with the tests was for us to push the game to its limit and stress test it to hash out any bugs before we started to onboard the masses. The valuable insights and experiences that we gained from these tests led to the strategic decision to postpone the release of Mimir Quiz so that we could fully integrate The Q’s battle tested technology and infrastructure.

For an untrained eye, pushing a game’s release date might perhaps be seen as a sign of weakness but it could not be further away from the truth…

We can now share the amazing news that the dev teams from Mimir & The Q are finally done with merging their two worlds together and Mimir Quiz is now powered with the world’s best blockchain and live video streaming technology. The new and improved solutions lays the foundation for us to grow our project even bigger and make Mimir Quiz and upcoming games in the Mimir World the most popular and played blockchain games in the world.


Got plans for Wednesday December 15th? Well, you better clear out the entire calendar because that will be the day when we start the party and open the gates to Mimir Quiz for players on Android, iOS and Web Browser!

We have some serious fireworks going off in the month of December that will take Mimir Quiz to the next level and here are some good things to be informed of:

- The first week of scheduled games in Mimir Quiz will be centered around our exciting live stream quiz tournaments. We have scheduled lots of daily quiz tournaments that are both free to play and play to win tournaments.

The “Free to Play” tournaments are 100% free to enter and you can join the action and compete to win some really big prize pools of MIMIR token.

The “Play to Win” tournaments will have an entry fee in MIMIR Tokens that players will need to pay to enter. The prize pool that players are competing for will be the total sum of all entry fees that have been paid by registered players for each event.

- When registering a Mimir Quiz account you will automatically create a Torus wallet (www.toruswallet.io) that you will have full ownership of. Please keep in mind that Mimir Quiz is running on the Polygon network which means that all MIMIR Tokens deposited or withdrawn from your in-game wallet should always be transacted on the Polygon Network.

  • In the updated version of Mimir Quiz available on Wednesday for players on Android, iOS and Web Browser we are using a new and improved authentication system for all the user accounts. From the early access testing we noticed that we had several bots and multiple accounts that were created. To ensure that Mimir Quiz is a fair, secure and well balanced game we will need for all players who have not already done so to register a new Mimir Quiz account using AuthO. A lot of players have already created an account with AuthO via the web browser version of Mimir Quiz so it will mainly affect players who joined the early access on Android and iOS devices. Note that you will only need one Mimir Quiz account to access the game on both mobile and web and you will not be able to create a new account before we start the party on Wednesday.


New games:
- 1vs1 games
- Points based quiz Games (instead of only elimination rounds)
- Popular vote quiz games

New features:
- Leaderboards
Leaderboards is a new feature that will be implemented in Mimir Quiz. It will be a Play To Earn reward model distributing MIMIR Tokens to the most active and best performing players on a weekly and monthly basis.
- FIAT & Crypto onramp
Once implemented players will be able to make instant purchases of MIMIR Tokens using FIAT-money with their credit card or cryptocurrencies with a metamask or Torus wallet.
- Seasons mode:
The Seasons mode will let players register for a quiz competition that stretches over a week or a month instead of just one single game.
- NFTs and in-game purchases
Players will be able to buy NFTs
-Updated Mimir Quiz UI for mobile & web browser




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