• When can I play Mimir Quiz?
    Players will be able to register an account on 15th December on mobile & Web Browser.
  • When is the first quiz game starting?
    The first quiz game is scheduled for Wednesday, December 15 @ 6PM CET-Time. It will be followed by several more games that will be played 30 minutes after each other. So get ready for an action packed Mimir Quiz day!
  • What devices are currently available for Mimir Quiz?
    Starting on 15th December, Mimir Quiz will be available for players worldwide on Web Browser and Android.

As you noticed during our early access testing Mimir Quiz was also available and approved to play on iOS but our overlords over at Apple have put our latest version under review. The review process normally takes 24 hrs but it has been pending since 3 days ago with the informative reply from their review team that the reason for the delay is “other”. As we have previously been approved and are not in breach of any policies, terms or conditions we hope that Mimir Quiz will be available to download from the App Store very soon.

For the time being we ask our iOS users to simply open up their browser and go to app.mimir-prod.com to join the action. Besides some minor differences in the user interface on web it is the exact same game that you will play and account that you will use in the app once approved.

  • What is the web browser link to enter & play Mimir Quiz?
    This is the official link to enter Mimir Quiz on web browser: app.mimir-prod.com
  • How do I download Mimir Quiz on Android?
    Simply go to Google Play Store and search for Mimir Quiz and it will be ready for you to download in a heartbeat.
  • Where can I see what games are scheduled?
    Enter Mimir Quiz on mobile or web browser and you can browse through the calendar of daily and upcoming scheduled events.
    Please note that even though Mimir Quiz is a blockchain game — the scheduled dates & times are not on-chain and as such we might sometimes have to move an event back or forth to accomodate with the production crew.
  • How many Mimir Quiz Games will be “Free to Play” and how many will be “Play to Win”?
    In the beginning we will have a bigger focus on the free to play games so that everyone can familiarize themselves with the game concept and get warmed up. We already have Play to Win games scheduled for this week and we will most likely add more to the mix to spice things up if everything with the launch is going as intended.
  • When is the 1-vs-1 game coming to Mimir Quiz?
    The 1-vs-1 game play is just around the corner and will enter the Mimir Quiz World once we feel that everyone has gotten acustomed to the Free to Play & Play to Win tournament mode.

For any additional support or help with getting started please contact us here:

Telegram group: http://t.me/mimirofficial

Discord channel: https://discord.com/invite/mNWU5TaZYx


  • Do I need a separate account for Mimir Quiz on Web, iOS or Android?
    No, no matter what device you play Mimir Quiz on you will only need one account.
  • But, I registered an account during the early access community testing! What’s this fuss all about?
    In the updated version of Mimir Quiz available on Wednesday for players on Android, iOS and Web Browser we are using a new and improved
    authentication system for all the user accounts. From the early access testing we noticed that we had several bots and multiple accounts that
    were created. To ensure that Mimir Quiz is a fair, secure and well balanced game we will need for all players who have not already done so
    to register a new Mimir Quiz account using AuthO. A lot of players have already created an account with AuthO via the web browser version of
    Mimir Quiz so it will mainly affect players who joined the early access on Android and iOS devices.

PLEASE NOTE: You will only need one Mimir Quiz account to access the game on both mobile and web.

  • What happens to my old account and wallet on Android or iOS when I create a new account?
    Your old account will be inactivated once you update to the new version of Mimir Quiz. You will need to create a new Mimir Quiz account with Auth0 and you can use the same information as previously registered. Once done you will also notice that you now have a new Torus wallet created for you in the game.

PLEASE NOTE: The few remaining users who still have Mimir Tokens left in their previous account & wallet will be compensated with a transfer of new Mimir Tokens equaling their holdings from the Mimir-Team at our earliest convenience. If you are affected by this you can contact us by mail hello@mimirworld.com or by Telegram @viksod and we will assist you. For scammers & hustlers thinking that Christmas is coming early to Mimir Town we can already step in as the Grinch and inform that we have all the wallet addresses affected by this and we will validate each users request so that it matches with our records.

  • Can I send Mimir Tokens to my in-game wallet?
    Yes, deposits and withdrawals are active! But for the love of the Allfather in Mimir Heaven…

Keep in mind that ALL DEPOSITS + WITHDRAWALS MUST BE TRANSACTED ON THE POLYGON (MATIC) NETWORK. Failure to comply with these instructions and sending tokens across chains without the use of a bridge or router may result in permanent loss of your assets also commonly referred to as an organic burn event.

Hey man, I saw that I got an automatic crypto wallet created when I registered an account in Mimir Quiz… What is this wizardry?
Your eyes do not decieve you my friend! One of the biggest focal points with developing Mimir Quiz has been to build a blockchain game that is accessible for all with the same ease of use as you would expect from a “traditional” game. Since we are all about creating that smooth user friendly journey we have integrated a wallet solution with Torus.

You can read more about the amazing Torus wallet here = www.toruswallet.io



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