How to stake $MIMIR on Dafi Superstaking platform.

4 min readJan 16, 2022


We’re proud to announce that $MIMIR holders are able to stake $MIMIR to get more $MIMIR. We have partnered with Dafi to adopt their Superstaking platform for staking!

Few things to keep in mind before staking:

We will have staking on three networks: ETH, BSC and Polygon(MATIC). And you will also have to pay gas fee according to the network you will use.

⚠️ Official $MIMIR Token ETH contract address: 0x71dc40668682a124231301414167e4cf7f55383c

⚠️ Official $MIMIR Token Polygon contract address:

⚠️ Official $MIMIR Token BSC contract address:

Staking website:

This staking is a bit different than other staking protocols, as rewards are pegged on demand. DAFI is a protocol, that uses a demand pegged model to prevent inflation of a token’s market value. Now what does that mean? Instead of using time as the key metrics for defining the APY, DAFI is analyzing the actual network demand and aligns the APY with increasing or decreasing demand.

Only when unstaking tokens, you will have to pay 10% fees on your REWARDS which will go back in to the staking pool (later seen as FEES COLLECTED on Dashboard). That means that your staking amount can never be lower than when you staked them!


Visit staking website: and press button CONNECT WALLET to connect your wallet with staking website.

You will have to SING your wallet when connecting it to staking website.


After you have successfully connected your wallet, Dashboard of staking will be visible with data: Total staked, Fees Collected, Your staked (which will still be 0 at this point), Rewards (which will still be 0 at this point) and Potential (which will still be 0 at this point).

Now you need to click on the tab: Stake on the left side of the screen.

And a pop-up window will show:


In this pop-up window you have to enter the amount you wish to stake.

Important to know: Initial lock up for staking is 14days! After then, you can unstake at any time.

ALSO: when entering the amount to stake, enter it without decimals. Example: if you have 1000,34 $MIMIR Tokens, enter amount: 1000.

Now press APPROVE and sing it in your wallet and you will also have to pay gas fees according to network you’re using (ETH on Ethereum network, BNB on BSC network and MATIC on Polygon network).

Wait a moment for transaction to be confirmed and after your tokens are successfully approved, click on button STAKE and sing again in your wallet and wait for transaction to be approved.


Your $MIMIR Tokens are now staked. In the tab Superpool, all important information about staking can be seen (Token Price, Market Cap, Circulating Supply and Demand Factor (DF).

Under tab Dashboard, users can see their staked token amount, their rewards and potential on those rewards.

Potential rewards explanation:

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