How to buy $MIMIR Token on ApeSwap

Step 1: Visit

Always double check that you’re on the right and legit ApeSwap site. It should look like this:

Step 2: Connect your Wallet and choose Polygon Network

On the right side of page you will find two buttons: BSC/Polygon and Connect.

Step 3: Go to the Trade section and then Exchange

After you have succesfully connected your Wallet, on the left side of the page, click on the Trade button and choose Exchange.

Step 4: Import our $MIMIR Token address

First, click on the Swap to: and import our $MIMIR Token Polygon address. This is the ONLY and OFFICIAL $MIMIR Token Polygon address: 0xd1790c5435b9fB7C9444c749ceFE53D40D751eaC

Step 5: Choose the imported $MIMIR Token

After importing the token, click on the Swap From: and choose a Token you wish (MATIC, USDC, ….).

Step 5: Approve Tokens

After choosing both pairs, enter the desired ammount and click Approve (USDC — you can have different Token here, depending on which one you choose).

Step 6: Swap your Tokens

After a few seconds, a message will pop-up, saying your transaction has been Approved and the next button: Swap becomes highlighted and IF YOU AGREE WITH THE PRICE FOR SWAP, click Swap.

Step 7: Confirm Swap

A new pop-up window will open, check all details and if everything is right and you agree with this swap, click Confirm Swap.

If there are still some questions about step above, feel free to contact us in our official Telegram group:



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